[June 16, 2008]

Big night tonight....not really that much work, but I reached a milestone -- the project is no longer supported by sawhorses and platforms....its on the landing gear! It was a total non event to get this on the gear by myself. With the jack setup I have, it took maybe 5 minutes to get the cinder blocks out of the way and it on the floor. I disassembled the 22" tall fuse stand I had and got all the junk from under the fuselage out of the way. I was a little concerned over the height of the fuselage on the gear and how difficult it would be to work on the inside from the outside. With the tail down, its totally accessible. With the tail up, it's a little high, but a 18" stool works fine. I might end up making a platform, but who knows.

I did a ton of little things on the fuselage. First I ran the static line and zip-tied it to the bulkhead. I am using the SafeAir1 tubing and connectors, which make putting this together a snap. Not shown, but I also put in the rudder cables. These sucked getting in because I needed to take out all the snap bushings I put in. The clevis on the rudder cable won't go through the bushings when their in the hole. Anyways, I worked from back to front and threaded them in.

I installed the flap and latching weldments. I think they look great painted.

Next I needed to proseal a screen over the vent outlets. I cut these AN fittings a while ago, but never got around to getting some screen to put on them. In Chad Jensens log he mentioned using aerator screens. I liked the idea since they are metal. I tried Home Depot and Lowes, but they sold the aerators in the fixtures for like 3 bucks a pop. Hell with that. I finally found them for $0.25 each at Ace. Ace always seems to surprise me with having the oddball stuff the big places don't carry. It's too bad I always go to the big stores first.

Here the screens are prosealed to the AN fittings. I will let the proseal cure for a couple of days and then trim the screen back.

I made 6 U-408 spacers over the last two days out of 3/8" x 0.058 tubing. These hold the U-810 bracket from the brake flange. I also took some time to debur these brackets. I am not going to put these on anytime soon since they are only for holding on the wheel pants, which I probably wont mess with for Phase 1. Instead, I bolted everything together to keep from walking, and will put in AN4-5A bolts in place of the AN4-11A's until I put the wheel pants on.

Finally I screwed in a 90 degree An fitting to the top of the calipers. I put a little teflon paste on the threads to make them seal up nicely.



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