[May 20, 2008]

I don't know why I did this today, but I put some heatshrink over the copper bus bar that goes between the master relay and starter solenoid. Not necessary, but why not?

Next I spent ages getting the engine mount lined up on the firewall. This pic shows one of the mount holes lined up with a prepunched miniature hole in the firewall.

I used some shims on the bottom to keep things straight.

With the rest of the fuselage level, I double checked my alignment.

I was going to drill the top right hole first, so I decided to clamp the top left hole the best I could.

Here is the first hole. I did this with the engine mount on the frame, so my hole would be perfectly perpendicular. Since the frame was so well clamped to the firewall, it was rock solid. I drilled the hole to a U bit first, then final sized it to 3/8" with a reamer. The hole is perfect.

I spent some time drilling the rest of the holes. No biggie, just used an electric drill going SLOW with lots of breaks for BoeLube.

I lucked out here - some people have to make 032 or 063" spacers because the bottom inboard mount locations don't lie flat against the firewall. I don't know why some do and don't, but I am glad mine turned out the way they did. I spent the rest of the night doing some oddball things on the plane and putting in an order for some wiring.



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