[April 10, 2008]

Today was officially the first nice day of the year - about 70 outside and sunny. When I got home the garage was already cookin' at 75 - too bad I don't think I will cut any plexi tonight! Anyways, I wanted to enlarge the slots on the sides of the canopy skin so the canopy would fit in there nicely. This was my first attempt.

My next attempt was to make the back a little longer.

Here is the initial fit. It's times like these that I wish I had a neighbor with a RV-7 tip up at a built state later than this.

Pushing the bottom of the skin in towards the side channels, the top wants to stick out about 1/4". I really don't know what to do about that. Time to hit the builders logs and see.

This pic is taken from Dave Parson's website (http://www.dualrudder.com/rv7). You can see he progressively elongates the slot towards the rear, making it enventually flush with the C-602.

Dan Checkoway (rvproject.com) took a more aggressive approach and chopped them off even lower. Since everything gets glassed over, I like this approach a little better.

Looking a little closer, the way the C-602 butts up against the C-702 skin sucks at the front. There is a triangular hole on top of the forward end of the aft canopy channel. I am thinking I am going to chop the C-702 skin off at where the arrow is and order some 032 to remake the C-602 even longer.

Anyways, back to the problem at hand, I drew a line to where I was going to cut the C-702. This line is actually just the line I marked for the canopy cut line on the WD-725 side channel.

Sliced off it fits much better now. I need quite a bit of force to push the canopy down on the WD-725's, so I think I need to trim some more of the canopy as well as make the slot I was working on earlier today a little more forward. So many questions!



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