[April 9, 2008]

With the canopy being taped down tight to the frame, I marked the cut line on the sides and sliced the sides off. I made the cut a little "long", knowing I will have to go back to do it one final time once the front is figured out. But this was needed to get the front figured out.

With the sides trimmed, the aft corner of the canopy fit behind the rear skin. It's a little tight, I might have to bevel the canopy a little to make this a more friendly fit. However, that decision can wait a while.

OK, onto the front fit. When the sides were pulled in, there was a lot of stress on the front of the canopy. You can see here how the canopy wants to bow out as it lays on the top skin.

This was a pretty nerve wracking cut to make, because I didn't know if the canopy would settle on the skin, or bow upwards. I made a "test cut" first, doing about 1/2 of what I have masked off. That worked well, so I did another cut along the masked line on either side.

Here is is after the cut, the front of the canopy matches up PERFECTLY with the skin now. I am very happy about that. I was fearing there would be some major gaps.

The objective of all of this trimming is to get the canopy to smoothly transition to the side, as well as get the canopy to fit behind the "ears" of the skin of the canopy frame. So, I masked off another cut to make the bottom of the canopy align with the bottom notch in the "ears".

See, the arrow points to the bottom of the ear notch.

With the cut done, the canopy lined up nicely with the bottom of the ears. The idea at this transition is the canopy is on top of the skin forward of the ear notch, and behind the notch, the skin is on top of the canopy. Anyways, I used a thick sharpie to mark where the canopy lies on the skin.

This notch needs to be notched out more. Other builders have successfully notched where the magenta line is. Tomorrow I will play around with that.

In the many trimmings that occurred tonight, I let the plexi cut off disc come into contact with my finger. It took the skin right off, but at the same time I think it fused the wound. No blood, no pain during or after. Win win in my book (unless there is some plexi embedded in my finger that could lead to infection!).



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