[February 20, 2008]

I have been waiting a while for a night like tonight -- when I actually get a lot done! It has seemed like forever since I have accomplished anything on the project. Anyways, I started by backdrilling the C-613 to the side rails and the front canopy frame sides. You need to make sure you peal back the skin because you dont want to drill through it. I put some wood spacers in just in casse.

Next I needed to make two wedge pieces. The instructions tell you to make them out of some AB3 (aluminum bar) stock, but I had tons of scraps that I could make due with. Besides, cutting through that aluminum bar didnt' look fun for a man without a bandsaw.

Here is where the wedge goes - on the front bottom of the C-613.

This was my trick to making the wedges - clamp some stock in a vice and file away. Worked really well. Once I had the angle right, I cut off the part of the stock in the vice with a hacksaw.

I needed to enlarge all of the holes to #30, and I decided the best place was back on the fuselage.

I also needed to drill the holes going through the bottom of the side rail.

I then used an angle drill to get the two front bottom holes.

I finished off those two #40 holes with the frame off. The 90 degree drill couldn't get directly perpendicular the surface when the frame was on the fuse. This frame is officially DONE! Besides some counterinking and deburring, I don't have anything I need to do with it before I put the canopy on. I am going away this weekend to Cleveland to visit some buddies, so I should have this wrapped up early next week. After that, I am going to hold off on the canopy for about a month while the temps start to rise. I have plenty to do in the meantime, namely mounting the wings and empennage. Then the wingtips. Then the wiring harness. Yeah, there is a lot to keep me busy until the warmer months.



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