[March 4, 2008]

Tonight I worked on the steel brackets that attach the fuselage to the front of the tank. First, I bent the bracket so it fit flush on the fuselage and also the angle on the tank. This was iterative, but in the end I got a great fit.

Once the fit was good, I drilled backdrilled the bottom hole on the steel bracket into the fuselage. What I did was use a 1/4" bit in the right angle drill adapter. I piloted the hole with the bracket in place, and then moved the bracket since the right angle drill adapter interfered. The hole ended up being a little out of whack, causing me to make the hole in the steel bracket a little oblong. No real harm, it will still be plenty strong. I did a much better method on the other side.

Next I needed to drill the angle on the firewall with a 1/4" hole that lined up with the notch in the steel bracket. It occurred to me that I had a bushing for mounting the empennage that had a 1/4" outer diameter and a #40 inner diameter. It fit like a glove on the bracket.

Next I drilled a 1/4" hole in some wood to act as a guide to keep the hole perpendicular.

With the 90 degree drill adapter and a #40 bit, this was what I ended up with...this is a shot from the back.

And a shot from the front. The black line on the aluminum angle is my minimum edge distance mark -- I had tons of real estate to work with here.

Next I worked it up to 1/4" by using a unibit, followed by a 'C' bit and then a 1/4" reamer.

On the right side I got smarter for drilling the bracket. I backdrilled some scrap angle with the pattern of the bracket.

Then I clecoed the angle onto the fuselage with the top predrilled hole and backdrilled the bottom hole. This one came out perfect. I then took the steel brackets and cleaned them up. I will drop them off to be powder coated tomorrow (along with some other stuff).

Next I hung the ailerons and flaps.

The inboard skin of the flap rubs on the fuse. I will need to trim that back.



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