[October 26, 2007]

Today was full of RV excitement before I even got to the shop. I made a deal on a PMA-7000B audio panel and also go called from KMTN letting me know I was up for a hangar! I told the dude at MTN I didn't need one for about another 9 months, but it was nice to know that I am at the top of the list somewhere.

Anyways, I got home and started on the rear baggage bulkhead skin. It comes in two parts, the top and bottom. The top bottom is pretty much done, while the top needs some work. The first thing was it needed a 8.5" radius cut out. I used a template made out of some thick paper (old file folder).

Between the last pic and this pic, I decided to watch some TV, and fell asleep for a 2 hour nap! Gotta love it. Using some tin snips and a vixen file this skin trimmed quite nicely.

Next was a bunch of holes that needed to be drilled. Be careful here, the two holes at the top middle are NOT SYMMETRICAL!

The bottom middle hole was a bit of work as well. I stole this measurement off of the bottom skin, as Van's doesn't give you the dimensions.

So I clecoed in the bottom skin and drilled it to the F-704 bulkhead.

Then I took it back out again, because I couldn't figure out how to hole the top skin in with the bottom skin already in there. Since they overlap 5/8", I decided to backdrill the bottom skin with the holes in the top skin that overlap.

Next I put in the bottom skin and backdrilled the bulkhead.

Finally I clecoed in the top skin and backdrilled the rest of the holes. I think I have something like 21 nutplates to drill rivet holes for tomorrow. Yippee!



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