[August 3, 2007]

Big night tonight - I hit 800 hours on the project! I figure I am about 40% through the entire shindig, assuming a 2000 hour project. Anyways, back to what matters, I backdrilled the F-724 bottom flange. There is one hole that has serious edge distance issues. I think Checkoway had this issue too. I don't know if I will dimple this and hope for the best or cut the flange short so there is only one hole.

I also drilled the top to the longeron. There isn't enough edge distance for the 1/8" rivet called out by in the plans, so I am going to put a 3/32" rivet in instead.

I drilled the side skin to the side seat ribs and the side of the F-623 rib. I then match drilled the rest of the side skins and bottom skins. This was quite the task to keep everything straight to make sure everything was drilled.

I drilled a 1" hole for the fuel grommet.

I had this 1" hole saw in my toolbox that fit the bill perfectly.

I also drilled the 7/16" hole on the bottom skin for the fuel vent.

Then I drilled a 7/16" hole for the fuel fitting to the tank on the side skin. I also drilled a #12 hole for the #10 screw.

Finally, I drilled the seat pan to the side seat ribs. I figured this was the best time to do so, since the side skins were clecoed to the seat rib.



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