[August 2, 2007]

Last night I noticed a large 1/8" gap between the flange of the F-724 bulkhead and the F-623. I could put a large shim in here, but I wanted to know why this was happening. No other builder ran into this, so I don't know if this is not common, or if people don't talk about it.

OK, here is the issue, the side skin bend isn't sharp enough. It sits on top of the seat bottom skin about 1/8".

This breaks my heart - taking the side skin off was major work.

Next I clamped down everything.

Here is the way I fixed it - hand seamers and a hammer. All I needed to do was make the sharp bend a little sharper. This worked way too well.

While I had the F-724 bulkhead out, I put a 7/16" hole in the left side for the static tubing run.

Next I spent forever clecoing everything back on.

The finished product is perfect. 99% of the problem was my bend in the side skin. However, I needed to modify the bend of the flange of the F-724 to let it sit closer to the F-623 by maybe 0.030" or so. I wasn't going to take off the side skin to modify it that little of a bit.



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