[June 27, 2007]

I needed to flute the outboard-most two seat ribs to make the centerline drawn line up with the prepunched holes in the skin. Actually, this isn't much of a centerline - this line is 3/8" from the edge. This caused everything to line up much better between this rib and the F-704 and F-705 bulkheads.

I struggled with the best way to flute this rib, then it dawned on me that if the edge of the rib is lined up with the holes, then the centerline would be. This meant that I wouldn't have to keep on putting in and taking out the rib.

I needed to use the holes on the opposite side of the center fuse skin to line up the rib. Kinda like a mirror effect. In the end, it worked perfectly and saved me a bunch of time.

Next we finished riveting the last three seat ribs to the bottom skin.

I flipped the center section over and put it on the workbench.

The only problem with the workbench was I couldn't get 360 access to the center section. So I moved it to a table I had on casters.

I installed and torqued the 16 bolts that hold the seat ribs to the F-704 bulkhead.

Next I clecoed on the forward F-704 bulkhead.

Finally, I clecoed on the seat floors.



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