[April 23, 2007]

I finished off all of the countersinking on the F-705 bulkhead and then moved on to the flap bushings. These guys were hiding in the flap hardware bag.

I marked the first hole and made this jig to keep the bushing down. The first one I didn't clamp down, and then the drill bit got about 1/2 down the bushing wanted to walk up the drill bit. I slowed the drillpress down to 700 rpm to drill these, and I am glad I did.

I bolted the bushing to the side bulkheads and then backdrilled it using the bulkhead hole to pilot the bit in the drill press. I found that the two #12 holes aren't parallel to the sides of the bulkhead, nor are they perpendicular with the bottom of the side bulkheads. So I used the centerline that I drew on the bushing to align the holes. This makes sense because the side bulkheads are slightly angled.

Onto the F-706 bulkhead. I started by trying to find all of the parts. This took a considerable amount of time, and I stumbled into a lull of motivation for about 30 minutes. That quickly came to an end as I found everything and started to fabricate some angle. The first was the F-729C.

It needs to be bent a little, per the diagram. I simply squeezed it in a vice until it looked about right. Good 'nuf.

Next was onto the F-729B angle.

And the F-728B angle.



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