[April 7, 2007]

I didn't have much time to work on the firewall, so I figured I would try to find as many parts as I could. I couldn't find the F-601E-1 angle at first. After studying the plans, it is fabricated out of AA6-063x3/4x3/4 angle. I scoured my parts and only found a 6' section of it. I went through the inventory sheet and that was the only piece of AA6-063 in the kit. I looked on some forums and online builders logs and could only find someone referencing using some of the angle that came with the wings, along with the longerons. It took me 0.002 seconds to use the 6' section instead of the much longer section with the longerons.

UPDATE: I called up Van's to ask them about what to make the F-601E-1 angle out of and they said that either the 6' section that came with the fuse or the longer stock that came with the wing kit was fine.



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