[December 18, 2006]

Thanks to the VAF Forums, I sold my old fuel caps today. Amazingly, they were sold in less than an hour.

Went out to Target and got a scale to weigh ProSeal - $30.

Also picked up some brushes for the tanks. When I did the TE of the rudder, I cut a brush very short and it worked very well to apply proseal.

Also got some popsicle sticks.

This was the best find of the night. While I was at Target, I looked for some syringes for proseal applicators. I went up to the pharmacist and asked for some syringes. They asked me if I needed it for my insulin. I told them that I needed it for my fuel tank. They looked at me funny for a sec, laughed, then asked how many I wanted. I asked how much. Nothing! So 10 free syringes from the target pharmacy. Deal of the year.

Next was onto back drilling the fuel cap flanges. I spent a long time lining everything up before I screwed up my $100 caps!

All done and the worry is over.

Next I fabricated the vent line bracket out of 0.025.

Then the drain got backdrilled. The hardest thing for me to do for this was to make sure the drain was centered on the prepunched hole on the skin. I lucked out because using a #4 craftsman phillips head scewdriver provided perfect alignment. I simply stuck the driver through the hole, and let the drain sit on the tip of the driver, auto centering on the 4 flanges of the tip. The diameter of the shaft of the driver was the same size as the hole in the skin.

Finally, the fuel cap flange got countersunk. I am using the fuel tank dimple dies, so I made a piece of scrap with a test dimple to get the countersunk depth correct.

I think I am 99% done with the tank prep. The one thing that I think I am going to add is a 1/4" tube into the mid bay in case I decide to go with a fuel injection system that needs a dedicated return route to each tank. It will be super easy and relatively cheap to do it now.



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