[November 20, 2010]

Today's weather looked great. Low winds on the ground and pretty clear skies. Today I mainly wanted to get up to about 6500' and play around with leaning out the engine to see how low I can get the fuel consumption down to.

I didn't get the forecast for the winds aloft today (I don't really see the need to since I am not going anywhere, surface winds are more important to me). Wow - 34kt headwind. Also notice my fuel flow is leaned back to 12.2 GPH and I'm getting 10.6 MPG.

Some clouds out today a little below me. I needed to climb up to 7500' to maintain some better separation.

Just really pretty outside.

So after I turned around, my headwind became a nice tailwind - 42kts worth of it! I also was able to lean back the engine to 11.6 GPH comfortable (running rich of peak).

That tailwind increased my ground speed to 203 kts! Bookin!

Saw 210 kts one time!

The above pics were from a 2.4 hour flight around my phase I area. I then landed, fueled, got lunch and checked the oil level. Before I launched again I noticed a cloud layer moved in and the visibility dropped. I had 10 miles, but it was bumpy up at altitude. I also didn't feel like flying around the mountains where would need to climb higher (for personal safety reasons). I decided to just stick around the airport and fly some maneuvers - mainly steep turns since I think they are fun! I headed back to the airport after a quick 0.7 hours.

I decowled the airplane because I wanted to put on the Reiff engine pre-heat system on the sump (http://www.reiffpreheat.com). I noticed a little oil leaking from the oil pressure transducer. I cranked down on it for a couple of turns.

The Reiff system came with two 100W pads which get epoxied to the bottom of the sump. This was the best place I could figure to installed them. The epoxy needs 48 hours to dry, so there goes any flying tomorrow. However the winds are forecasted to be nasty so I dont think I'm going to loose out on any airtime.

Finally I cut some cheap carpet I bought from Home Depot for the floor. The pics here doesn't do it justice. The carpet looks much better than the pic makes it out to look.



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