[December 10, 2022]

Garmin came out with a service bulletin a couple of weeks ago indicating the GFC500 autopilot had a potential issue with runaway trim. They put out a SB recommending the GSA28 servo's be disconnected from the trim, or for us experimentals auto trim being disabled. Of course I did neither.

A couple of days ago they came out with new firmware to correct this issue - 8.17. Time to upgrade from 8.00.

The upgrade process is so painless for the G5's - boot the unit up, insert the micro-SD card which the Garmin software has put the needed files on and then the G5 prompts for an upgrade.

The magic is happening here.

And after a minute or so the unit rebooted with 8.17.

Hmm, two new warning messages appeared - "IGRF data missing" and "Magnetometer IGFR data missing". I will have to look into whats causing this later.

The Garmin ecosystem is so cool, the G5 updates all of the firmware via the CAN bus of all of the other devices that need it.

I am so thrilled with this AP setup. Such a worthwhile upgrade.



Last Modified: August 13, 2023