[December 6, 2022]

About the only original piece of avionics I have in my panel is the GTX-327 transponder. It has performed absolutely flawlessly over the years, however, to get ADS-B in/out I have a variety of boxes:

1) GTX-327 for Mode-C Out
2) uAvionix EchoUAT for ADS-B In/Out
3) Garmin GDL-39 for ADS-B In for Garmin pilot

And even with all of this, I don't get traffic or weather on my GTN650xi.

Looking at a new transponder, the Garmin ADS-B IN/OUT GTX-345 transponders is $5800. For just a transponder! This unit is $8700, and for $3k I get a second GPS nav source. Right now all my legal IFR nav/approach capabilities are in my GTN650xi.

The unit came in a couple of days ago, so tonight I made a basic wiring harness and fired it up.

One really cool features of the GTX375 is built in bluetooth and compatibility with Garmin pilot's Connext.

I loaded up an IFR flight plan from KDMW to KPYM and transferred the flight plan to the GTX375

After accepting the incoming flight plan it displayed on the GTX375! How cool! Flight plans also go the other way from the GTX375 to Garmin pilot.

This is going to be some major panel rework to install as the GTX is slightly taller than the GTX327 it is replacing (1.65" => 2.00"). So my center stack has to be moved up 0.35". So it will be a fun project coming up!



Last Modified: August 13, 2023