[November 19, 2022]

Today was a great day to fly - a little breezy on the ground which kept the weekend warriors where the should be - in their hangars! Great visibility and typical winds for this time of year. I headed up to Altoona, PA (KAOO) to check out their mexican restaurant in the commercial terminal they have their for Contour Air.

Pretty much a crosswind all the way up there. This is my first flight with the trim servo wired through the GSA28 servo, and it was totally awesome. I didn't get one trim warning the entire time. When I disengaged the autopilot, the airplane was perfectly trimmed out. What a great autopilot Garmin has. It just works as you would expect it to - and as a software engineer - I can appreciate that isn't any small task to achieve!

It was certainly chilly out there today - about 40 on the ground, 22 at 4500 on my way there, and 18 on my way back at 5500.

Perfect day out there.

Short final for RWY21 at KAOO

Snow! This is the first snow I've seen this season.

Pretty quiet airport today. I was the only one ont he GA ramp. The mexican restaurant in the terminal, La Fiesta Mexican Bar and Grill, was a nice place. Super friendly staff, great prices and large portions. I will definitely be back!

Raystown Lake was pretty mesmerizing to see from the air as it snaked between two small mountain ranges. Looks like a fun place to be in the summer!



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