[October 5, 2022]

I had no idea where to mount the GMC 507 Autopilot Control Module - I settled for this location, right below the G5, center of the panel, right under where the panel is. Until I cut a new panel, it was the easiest location to install from (2 holes in existing panel flange) and I think the best location for a quick install. Of course down the road I will cut a new panel and it will be in a better location. But this is a fast/quick/dirty way of getting it mounted.

The GMC507 comes with an optional tray to be mounted in, but it has two fingers/hooks on either side which allow it to be mounted in any rectangular cutout. So I fabbed my own.

The hole on the sides are where the fingers/hooks from either side of the GMC interface into.

I used double flush rivets for the first time in YEARS. Maybe even a DECADE.

The bracket came out great. The GMC interfaces into it perfectly and when the screws are tightened, it is very solid.

for such a simple bracket it took a crazy amount of time to design, fabricate and assemble it.

And the GMC locked into place. This bracket will be screwed into the underside of the panel. Should make for a very solid mount.



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