[October 3, 2022]

It's been a rainy few days here in MD. Great for working on the airplane! This is the fist glimpse I have seen of the sun since Friday - I got to the airport about 2 minutes too late to get the peak amazing sunset we had tonight.

The pitch servo was really simple to install - just (3) AN3-4A bolts.

This is my technique for making the CAN bus wires that need to T at a component. It takes about 5 minutes to strip the wire and solder it. I finish it off with some heat shrink tubing. I think it looks really good!

Servo installed with the retainer bracket.

On 10/10/2022 Bob Godsy sent me this message regarding the use of the end hole on the pitch servo arm:

For the pitch servo, It looked like you might have used the end hole of the three available in the arm. I did that originally and did not like how the AP managed pitch on the approaches. It seemed to get behind and dramatically adjust. Was not unsafe but I did not like it. I discussed this multiple times with the guy who wrote the AP software and he suggested the middle hole. I also went through the setup processes multiple times and made it better but the hole move finally made it better. So if you see what I’ve described keep the solution in mind.
Bob Godsy

Seems I have everything but the kitchen sink back here in the aft fuselage. Luckily it's not too terrible or cramped working back here, just need lots of breaks to unfold my legs!

The servo wiring turned out better than expected. I am thrilled with how it looks.

The CAN bus needs to extend to the GMU 11 magnetometer. I have new power and ground wires also intended for it.

I need to figure out how to mount the GMU11 to this tray that currently holds the GRT magnetometer.



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