[August 7, 2022]

A good friend for a few decades now was in Annapolis with his 8 year old son over the weekend. He wanted to meet up and potentially get his son a ride in the RV. How could I possibly say no???

I have been flying IFR a lot lately just because it really makes life simple. Most of the time I pick up my clearance in the air because it's just easier and I don't have to worry about void times and inbound IFR traffic at my uncontrolled field.

The controller today didn't seem really all that happy I was trying to pick up my clearance in the air. She even asked why I didn't pick it up at KDMW. Well - because in the past Potomac Approach has told me to pick it up in the air if it's VFR. Anyways, she vectored me around and then luckily got passed off to a more reasonable controller. Certainly the easy way to get into the SFRA.

This is my friend Kip's son, Matthew. It was my first time meeting him - they both live in Phoenix. His dad is a Southwest pilot, but he has never been in a small airplane before. It was my pleasure to give him his first ride!

We circled around KANP Lee Airport just in case he didn't like it. He felt fine so we went exploring up the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

We were up for about 30 minutes when he let me know it was getting hot and too bumpy. I read ya loud and clear! Back to KANP we went.

Kip treated me to a nice seafood lunch at Mike's Crab house and then I was on my way.

Of course there is only one way to depart! Smoke On! There is a pattern squawk code to use at KANP because it's within the SFRA. But I filed an egress flight plan, but wanted to make a lap. So when I called up Potomac I made my intention clear I wanted to do one lap in the pattern and then depart and how should I proceed. They were quite accommodating and said to squawk the code they gave and then call up approach when I was departing the area. I am certainly happy I am not based out of an airport in the SFRA. It's such a buzzkill from the freedom of just hopping in your airplane and punching holes in the sky.

Landing at KANP

Departing with a lap in the pattern and smoke on



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