[July 5, 2022]

My friends invited me up to Plymouth, MA for the 4th of July weekend. With great weather and a free hangar to keep my RV it, it was a no brainer.

For the 4th We decided to take our planes for a spin. It was eerily dead at the airport. Like no traffic in the pattern, no one there, etc.. And it was the perfect day to fly, no wind, no clouds just perfect. We took the RV for a spin around Browns Bank.

What the what what? Yup, that's not me in the left seat! For the first time in 885 hours and 12 years I sat right seat and let my friend Mitch have the honor of being the first person to fly my RV other than me!

More beaches. We certainly made us known with using an ample amount of smoke oil!

Another shocker - I filed IFR and flew that home. I definitely do not use my rating enough. So I have made it a habit of filing everywhere I go an appreciable amount of distance. It is good practice and more importantly I find it easier flying. No need to worry about clouds, etc..

I picked up my clearance in the air over PVD. I was hoping for "cleared as filed", but that wasn't the case today!

Here is how my route panned out.

My route took me over this monument - High Point State Park, NJ, right near NY and PA. It marks the highest point in NJ at 1,803'.

Oh man, I think I will be able to log some actual instrument time!

Oh yeah! A whole 0.001 in actual IMC. Definitely need to round that up for the logbook.

Great weekend! Great flight! Amazing airplane!!



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