[April 23, 2022]

I started the 2022 Annual Conditional inspection today. I went for a quick flight prior to beginning the inspection to warm the engine up for the compression check.

The compression seemed pretty good except for the #3 cylinder. It was a little low at 68/80. I heard the air leaking through the exhaust valve, so I will yank the valve covers and see if there is are any issues with the valve.

I decided to remove the oil cooler and flush it. It has not been removed since I installed it nearly 12 years ago. I did notice my oil temps seemed to be higher than they used to be, so I figured it couldn't harm to give it a flush.

This was a much bigger undertaking than I was expecting. It took a couple of hours to get the oil cooler off. No wonder I don't do this annually!

Finally, it's off and mostly drained.

I flushed the oil cooler at home a couple of times with mineral spirits (less harsh compared to acetone). After a couple of flushes, I topped it off with mineral spirit to sit overnight.

The next day I emptied the oil cooler out and then blew compressed air through it to remove any residue. I then filled it 1/2 way with acetone and then poured it out. It was mostly clear, but still a little brown residue. I then filled it again and it poured out clean. I blew it out once more and then called it good.



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