[April 14, 2021]

I have been hesitant to file and fly IFR solo since I got my rating. I don't really know why - maybe the uncertainty of the controller asking me something I didn't know how to do? Anyways, that all changed today. I was flying up to Plymouth, MA for a long weekend and the weather was not great along the route - not terrible either - but certainly not great. I decided it was the smart thing to file - easy enough to do with Garmin Pilot. I called up Potomac for my clearance and got this routing:
Fly direct EMI, then LRP,
V93 to LAAYK,
T216 to IGN
V167 to PVD
Direct PYM

Simple enough? well I struggled with how to enter it into the GTN650 and Garmin pilot - looking back it's actually relatively simple. I was feeling really comfortable flying as most of my flight was in IMC. Right before LAAYK, ATC rerouted me "direct RAGER and then continue on T216 for weather". I honestly had no idea what they were talking about. Looking at the charts, I quickly realized they were making a shortcut for me around LAAYK. The rest of the flight was uneventful and I cancelled IFR before I landed at PYM.

It was a really rewarding flight. A few things I should of done is ask for a delay vector when I was rerouted - that at least would of put me in the right direction while I got my electronics sorted out.

Also, I should of been more familiar with the GTN650 and Garmin Pilot for flying airways.

The first leg was mostly between layers. I only had 10-15 minutes of IMC the entire flight.

First time in IMC. It was certainly a rewarding feeling. I definitely need to file more often to stay current. This was a huge motivator.



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