[July 23, 2019]

Wow, here it is the end of September and I am just getting back around to finishing up the Oshkosh trip report. Shame on me. Actually, I fully blame the weather. It's been absolutely gorgeous flying weather in August and September. I've logged an unheard of 25 hours in the past two months.

I hit it a little too hard on my first day at Oshkosh, so I was a little late getting out of my tent this morning. My buddy Mitch, however, was already acclimated to Osh so he got up early and walked around taking pictures.

It's heartbreaking to know Draco is no more. Mike Patey crashed it trying to take off from Reno a couple weeks back. Luckily all walked away. If you haven't seen the video of Mike reflecting on this accident, take 10 minutes and watch it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfctWAoDXvs.

Mitch lucked out and scored a ride with the Aeroshell Team.

Mitch was on top of the world when he got back to the campsite! I would be too!

Today was a very lazy day. We walked around Osh meeting up with new and old friends we've made over the years. Around mid-afternoon we took a brief siesta - we needed to make sure we were well rested for the highlight of our trip - the infamous Black Otter Supper Club for their outstanding Prime Rib dinner!

Once the second wind was secured, we borrowed a cart from the Media center and took a spin around the grounds.

Back at the campsite we started the pre-Otter preparations with tasty refreshments.

There was a strange device hanging from the restaurant wall. We all tried to figure out its purpose, but even this group of intelligent pilots were baffled by what purpose it served.

Oh yeah! Mitch couldn't make the Otter last year so this is his first experience.

32 OZ QUEEN CUT. I assure you it tasted better than it looked. The beef melts like butter in your mouth. This place really spoils me because there isn't anywhere around me I can find a prime rib as good as this.

The smile says it all.

We had another great turnout for the otter. 25 of us from the RivetBangers crew.



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