[July 21, 2019]

CJ and I woke up to some overcast MVFR skies today with a ceiling just over 1,000'. North of us was severe CAVU. With Osh being closed, we decided to attempt to travel a little further north. Airports like Dodge County, WI didn't appeal to us that much as we knew they were full of Oshkoshers and it could be a disaster getting out of there. We checked around for hotels for the night not knowing if Oshkosh would allow arrivals. We settled on Waukesha, WI (class D) which had cheap fuel, free pasking, a crew car and multiple cheap hotels with free fuel.

The temps has settled significantly from yesterday - 76 degrees at around 11am.

Super complicated 50nm flight today!

CJ and I flew formation up to Waukesha. It just so happened we flew over Twin Lakes, WI, where I would be spending some time nearby in 5 days on a pontoon boat.

We used the Stein Aircraft Services FBO at Waukesha. The staff there couldn't of been more friendly and accommodating to us.

Stein had some high class ceiling decorations in their lobby,

One of the more creative trainers I've seems. I've always struggled to remember where the rudder, flaps and ailerons are!

Stein offered us their crew car, a hail damaged Honda Element to take into town for some grub.

We weren't expecting to make it to Fisk this easily today!

It didn't take us long to find some debauchery....Hop Debauchery that is!

VERY Creative cigar bar name. We weren't shore if we were staying in town for the night or heading off to Oshkosh today, so we stayed away from any stimulant, FAA approved or not....

We noticed an abundance of guitars positioned around Waukesha. It turns out Waukesha is the birthplace and burial place of the great Les Paul.

This mural indicated Waukesha was the 'Saratoga of the West'. I did a little research into this and it reflects the great springs that Waukesha has to offer. I suppose it reflects the fact that Saratoga Springs, NY is the original Saratoga of the East?

Markham and I enjoying the waterfall over the Fox River on a perfect WI day.

at 5:40pm we received a message from Oshkosh indicating Oshkosh was open to arrival. We had some inside information letting us know that was going to happen - we however had no desire to try to compete with everyone else trying to attempt to get into Osh tonight.

Well that arrivals didn't last long, at 6:43 Osh was saturated with arrivals.

Markham, CK, and our other friends from Plymouth decided to get a great steak at Texas Roadhouse in Waukesha.

Not much better than Oshkosh camping.....3 dudes in a hotel room. They all seem to be glued to their phones. Such millennials!



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