[February 10, 2019]

My Plymouth, MA friends invited me up to Maine this weekend to land on a frozen lake in Rangeley, ME...however the winds didn't cooperate with that plan. The winds today in New England in general didn't look all that great - gusting to 35 kts...but forecasted to die down around 5pm. So at 3:45pm I launched Northwest East. Crossing the Susquehanna which had some impressive ice buildup considering all of the mild weather we've recently experienced.

Wind was nearly a 100% crosswind. Check out that high pressure - 30.68"!!!

With the sun out, it was quite pleasant in the RV.

Crossing over NYC at 7500.

I finally found a bit of a tailwind at 9500. - 54 kts total wind component with 7 kts of tailwind.

It was a spectacular sunset tonight. All that wind today up here in New England cleared out any haze.

I was lucky enough that my friend Jason had his SR22 in a paintshop...leaving his award winning hangar (https://bostoncommon-magazine.com/this-airline-hangar-doubles-as-a-hangoutfree for my RV to be kept warm all night.

Captain John and his Plymouth gaggle showed me a fun night out on the town (As was to be expected). The morning came way too quickly as it typically does on the Plymouth trips.....

Off to KGON (Groton, CT) we went for breakfast.

It was good to get back in the saddle for a formation flight over to breakfast.

After breakfast, my friend Charlie (RV-7A) was going to make a run down the Hudson River Corridor. I decided to tag along since it was on the way home....

Great weekend to toss a quick 4.7 hours on the hobbs!



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