[July 29, 2018]

For the first time this trip, there were ZERO concerns with weather for my next leg of my trip from Des Moines, IA to Port Huron, MI. Fuel at IKV was a little on the steep side....so I headed over to Belle Plaine Municipal Airport (KTZT) for some very affordable fuel.

Shouldn't I be getting a tailwind heading east??? Weather's been totally screwed up this entire trip.

Like I said earlier, it was a great day to fly. Nice puffy clouds and a smooth ride.

Crossing back over the Mississippi.

Finally...some tailwind! I'll take it.

Rounding the southern corner of Lake Michigan the visibility did degrade slightly.

Heading up through Michigan it was quite bumpy. It was a hot day, so the thermals were keeping me awake.

This may not represent much to most people - it's route 23 between Anne Arbor, MI and Flint, MI. It's a significant road to me....I went to college in Flint (Kettering University, formerly known as GMI). After driving 9 hours from MD to go to school, this stretch was the final 1 hour leg where excitement to see my friend and go back to school really kicked off. That school got me the amazing job I have today, and taught me an incredible skill set to be successful. Furthermore, years after graduation, I bought my IO360 engine just north of Flint and drove it back to MD on this highway. It's the greatest stretch of highway to my life, and I'm glad I experienced this serendipitous encounter.

Some people were having fun at the General Motors Proving Grounds.

North side of Lake Saint Clair.

On crosswind to land at PHN the St Clair river was off to my right with Ontario on the far side.

I got a sweet hookup with a hangar at PHN. Super friendly FBO. One of the line guys said that the RV was the sexiest thing he's seen in a while....and that's with a Cirrus. Take that #CirrusLife!

My buddy and his son were waiting for me when I landed. We spend a few hours watching speedboats go up and down the St Clair River.

What better way to procure some firewood than using his Willy's Jeep? What an absolute blast this was riding around the dirt roads of MI.



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