[July 28, 2018]

My 2 days in Fort Collins was nothing less than spectacular. My friend from San Diego ended up coincidentally being in town. Can you tell we shop at the same store????

This could be the most innovative invention I've ever seen...the bicycle growler holder!

Fun times were had by all at the Horse & Dragon Brewing Company.

This was my biggest fear of leaving my RV parked outside at Fort Collins - hale damage. Just a few weeks ago my friends got caught in a storm with golf ball sized hale which did a number to their car. I can only imagine what it would do to the RV.....luckily it ended up being a false alarm and the RV remained safe.

Great day in Colorado catching up with a great group of friends!

The weather in the Denver area was pretty murky Saturday morning. Plus some storms were moving in from the west. I found a good MVFR window and blasted off a little before noon. My next destination is Des Moines, IA.

It was a little soupy out, but very manageable. Conditions significantly improved as I got further east.

Woohoo! Full VFR conditions!

The clouds quickly burned off and I went up high to try to grab some tailwind.

Closer to Des Moines there was some minor weather to contend with. Compared to the trip from the east coast to Oshkosh, this has been relatively easy.

The clouds were slowly becoming more of a solid overcast. I stayed on top as long as possible, but I didn't want to stay on top as we approached the lines of storms, fearing a tall buildup of clouds would certainly be near the storms.

Right before the rain, I dropped down.

I've flown into Des Moines many times, but never from the west. This is the Saylorville Lake, which the upper Des Moines river feeds into. A damn then controls the flow into the lower Des Moines river, which flows through downtown.

Safe on the ground after 3.3 hours from Fort Collins. Ankeny (IKV) is a great little airport with super friendly staff.

I met up with my College friend Rene and his wife Monika for a fun night of catching up and checking out the local Italian festival. I was shocked I found a cardboard cutout of exactly what I look like with my shirt off!!



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