[April 14, 2018]

We woke up Saturday morning VERY damp. Even though we had no precipitation overnight, it was very muggy. You can see on my canopy it's covered in dew - both inside and out.

Unfortunately we needed to leave today after a short two night stay. The weather was supposed to deteriorate at home on Sunday, so we better boogie home today.

We were treated to at least a dozen balloons lifting off this morning.

Definitely the most unique balloon out of the bunch. This one made me hungry for a pulled-pork lunch.

HOW DOES HE DO IT???!!! While cleaning out my tent, I briefly set a 4-pack of beer outside. When I pulled my head out of my now clean tent, I was baffled - where did my 4-pack of beer go off to that I just set outside the tent?? Well, I need not look any further than my mischievous neighbors tent - Jim!!!! Please, do not underestimate this guys' sneakiness!

One last stroll around the show before we needed to leave. This was a very cool folding electrical bike. the Jupiter Foldable Electric Bike sold by Spencer Aircraft. Max speed 15 MPH; Range per charge 10 sm; Folded Dimensions: 16.3"x20.5"x10" and 24 lbs. Battery is in the front wheel, electric motor in the rear wheel.

The Jupiter is a blast to ride around!

One last ride on the media cart back to HBC. I wish the weather worked out better for us, as there is so much more we wanted to see and document at SNF.

Our favorite HBC Canadian hostess! Always fantastic to see you, Heidi!!

While some might consider finding random gift of wine or beer stashed under their tent odd, it's become quite the commonplace for me for SNF and Oshkosh. Thanks Jim and Paula!!! Every trip we take the SNF or Oshkosh there's always something that sticks out as the highlight of the trip. This year, without a doubt, was being parked next to the guy who I randomly ran into on an Amtrak train in 2006 who was also building an RV from MD.

Peter and I took our time getting ready to leave today. I was expecting a lot more people to be leaving, as weather was moving in across the whole east coast, including Lakeland for Sunday. HBC had a healthy amount of people trickle out at a leisurely rate all morning. Our taxi to 09L was uneventful, and we tookoff and climbed above the clouds to avoid the masses arriving for the day.

At 5,500' we had a nice 21 kts tailwind.

Our route home was identical to our route down. No weather in our way, and a very healthy tailwind the entire route. In central Florida we were bookin' at 183kts across the ground.

Back at Baxley for cheap fuel. The FBO had some fresh burgers and dogs for a donation.

The rest of the trip was extremely uneventful. The tailwinds kept going up the further north we went. Our of Baxley at 9,500' we hit 187 kts.

This was pretty much our view for the next 3 hours. Tailwinds and puffy clouds. Can't beat it!

Near Lynchburg, VA we joined the prestigious 200 kts club.

As we approached the Shenandoah mountains the clouds thinned out and we got some monitor bumps.

Hoorah! 34 kts push!

This was actually what most of the trip home consisted of - us taking pics of the GTN650 creeping up its GS. We never knew when we were going to max out - I'm pretty sure we have pics of every possible speed from 183kts to........

209 KTS LEVEL GROUNDSPEED BABY!!! This is what we topped out at in level flight. Our trip home was extremely PAINLESS and QUICK! Truly incredible considering we left HBC at around 10:30am, and touched down around 3:30pm back at home with still plenty of daylight to get things done around the house. Another fantastic trip in the TIME MACHINE!



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