[August 26, 2017]

I ordered a combination UAvionix EchoUAT ADS-B Transceiver and a GRT Avionics Safe-Fly 2020 Compliant GPS Module at Oshkosh from GRT at Oshkosh. They had a $100 show special discount for buying the package at Oshkosh. This seemed like the legit way for me to move forward in the ADS-B world. My old NavWorx ADS-600EXP was no longer working, and I needed a solution. I didn't like the idea of going with the new Garmin GTX-345, as their new transponder doesn't output to something GRT Friendly. This solutions was very affordable ($1,400), gave me a second 2020 compliant GPS source, and the GRT Safe-Fly module also gives me an additional 4 low-speed serial ports. Plus the size of the unit was right - it literally fit into the palm of my hand. I installed it just behind the subpanel.

The wiring was very straight forward. Power, Ground, One set of serial ports to the EFIS for control of the GPS-2020, and a second serial feed for the GDL90 Traffic/Weather feed. The following documents came in very handy for the installation:

uAvionix Installation Manual:

GRT Safe-Fly 2020 Installation Manual:

And the settings from the uAvionix manual for how to setup the EchoUAT via the GRT EFIS.

I needed to update my GRT Sport SX's to version 14.0 to have full EchoUAT support. Next I installed the 2020 GPS to Serial 1 on my GRT PFD. You need to set the baud rate to 115,200, and the Input/Output mode to "GRT Safe-Fly GPS and SPC".

Next you need to tell the EFIS how it will communicate to the EchoUAT via the SPC Serial Port 1. Datarate is 38,400, and input/output mode is "echoUAT TMAP".

Next you enter into the "Flight ID and Address" option on the "General Settings" of the EFIS Setup and enter the Flight ID (should be BLANK) and the 16-bit hexideciman Mode-S Address. You can find your Mode-S address on the following FAA Website:


Next is setting the configuration per the uAvionix manual.

More settings...

Things didn't work for me right away. I needed to download the uAvionix Android App and connect to the EchoUAT via Wifi in configuration mode.

These are the settings that ended up working for me. Specifically, I needed to change the following:

1) Control Source: Transponder Monitor
2) COM1 Data: 81O (8 databits, No Parity, 1 Stop Bit)
3) COM1 PHY: RS-232
4) COM1 Protocol: TMAP

More configurations - these are supposed to be downloaded to the EchoUAT via the GRT EFIS.

If you click the "Monitor" button at the top of the app, you should see information regarding the ICAO address, callsign, lat/lon, and altitudes. Overall a great night in the hangar tonight. It took longer than I anticipated, but everything seems to be talking to each other. This is a very nice setup, and the software integration is much better than NavWorx was.



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