[July 1, 2017]

Some college buddies and I were planning on spending the first weekend in July camping in Dew Drop Campground on the Allegheny reservoir. The weather for this trip wasn't all that good earlier in the day with a solid line of storms moving across my route. I tried to find a way I could poke through a hole, but there really wasn't a good option. While I was waiting out the storm I tossed on 4 new EGT probes. As soon as the storm passed over, I blasted off for KBFD.

The end of the storm to my right.

I fought some headwinds all the way up, but they were all reasonable. EGT probes were working great.

Bumped up to 8,500' to get over the clouds and the inhospitable terrain of the PA mountains.

The FBO at Bradford really rolled out the red carpet for me. Clones all around me and I was able to pull the rental car up to the plane. Great place!!!

The weekend was great, and the location was fabulous. I highly recommend flying into Bradford and renting a car to go camping at Dew Drop. Nothing but great things to say. On the way home I was once again greeted with perfect weather. I popped up to 7,500' and took advantage of a 32 kts tailwind.

197 (226 mph) kts across the ground made this trip QUICK!

Another great adventure thanks to the RV. Sure beats the alternative of a 6 hour drive!!



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