[July 21, 2017]

It's hard to believe it's already time for Osh 2017. It seems like just a few months ago I was there. In the past, I have always flown to Oshkosh either on Sunday or Wednesday. This year I didn't have anything really going on the weekend before Osh, so I decided to start my trip on Friday and head over to my College friend's house in Cleveland, and then head over to Oshkosh on Saturday. This plan worked out very well because there was a decent size storm moving across the Midwest. My plan would be to fly to Cleveland, let the storm pass over, and then continue onto Oshkosh.

Packing this year was about the same as years past, with the exception that I finally invested into an inflatable sleeping mat, and I brought a full sized pillow. Neither of which would really significantly change my CG or baggage weight. Of course the normal supplies consisting of good local IPA micro-brews and some Bourbon were onboard.

It was HOT in MD this particular Friday. The OAT registered 102 degrees on the ground by the fuel pumps. Perfect time to jet out of here for some perfect Wisconsin summer days.

Hmmm, on run up I realized my fuel flow wasn't working. I didn't know if this was the new Red Cube I installed in the spring stopped functioning, or my EIS was suffering some issues from my over-voltage event (See "Memorial Day Panel BBQ" entry). Well, out of all sensors to go bad, this is a good one! I will just have to check my fuel numbers on fillup against what I think the fuel burn is based on my EGT settings when running LOP.

There were a few pop-up thunderstorms along my route - nothing to really be concerned with.

This first cell I encountered had an interesting diagonal funnel formation just north of Gettysburg, PA.

The cloud cover was quite nice to give me a break from the sun at 3,500'.

Heading through the mountains of PA, I found a hole and climbed up to 8,500'. While at 3,500' I could of easily scooted above all obstacles, South West PA is relatively inhabitable and not a great place to plan an emergency landing.

The views and temps (63 degrees) were much more pleasant up at altitude.

The clouds broke just as I neared Cleveland and I touched down at Lorain County Airport (KLPR) right around 6:35pm. By the time I tied down, gassed up and unloaded my night bag, my buddy (who is notoriously late) arrived just as I was walking off the ramp. Perfect timing!! We enjoyed a fun night of vinyl records, Mexican food and delicious margaritas. Great first leg out to Osh!



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