[July 26, 2016]

So far the weather has been fantastic at Oshkosh. A little on the warm side, but it's better than rain! I realized today that I hadn't shot a proper picture of our camp complex that I shared with Ken and Paul.

The RV-6's did another overhead pass today in formation.

Dynon released the HDX Skyview. The new HDX has an angled control panel, along with a new screen layout which you can have the engine information along the bottom of the screen. The screens also boast higher resolution, improved anti-reflective properties, wider viewing angles and an improved touch interface.

Dynon sure has come a long way since the D10! This is a very nice EFIS.

Captain John and I attended a TIG welding class at the Lincoln Pavilion.

My friend Rich's son Andrew got to have some one on one time with Bob Hoover!

The food at Oshkosh and SOS does get old after a couple of days. We took advantage of an Uber to take us to Parnell's place where we enjoyed some of their famous broiled chicken.

Back to the SOS brothers tent for some evening entertainment. Tonight's band, Sonic Circus, was outstanding.

The party started off with the usual suspects of CJ and Derek.

It didn't take long for the other RV guys to gravitate towards our table.



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