[July 25, 2016]

Monday morning's weather couldn't of been better. Beautiful blue Wisconsin sky.

HBC/HBP was getting really full.

I quickly became friends with my RV-10 HBC neighbors Paul and Ken. We got along nearly immediately as soon as Ken and I realized we were both Electrical Engineers and didn't attend rival colleges!

Ken and Paul introduced me to "Pirate Coffee". It sure made my head feel better after my evening at SOS Brothers!

Off to the show for Day one! GRT introduced their Sport EX EFIS. It fits the same cutout as a Horizon HS EFIS, along eith it is very similar in size to the Dynon D100/120/180 EFIS's. They have an attractive pricing model with Ala-cart options for adding features.

I spent a good amount of time with the fine AirCam people. This is going to be my next build....as if you couldn't tell from my AirCam hat!

Some skywriting was going on throughout the mid-day.

The Rotec chopper was really cool. You have 7 different ways to burn your right leg!

The star of the show, The Martin Mars, flying overhead in the afternoon airshow.

During the airshow I took a little siesta under my wing to prep for the Beer Fair Social.

Next up today was the 2016 Oshkosh RV Social, more commonly known as the "Beer Fairy". Dan Horton does a great job of coordinating the event, and a number of great vendors pitch in to make this event free for all of us RV'ers.

The place was mobbed when we got there! This event keeps on getting more popular each year.

My friend Jim from Baltimore. Dang it, he stole my beer again!

Paul Dye was in attendance. He harassed me about writing some more articles for KitPlanes. I suppose I'll cave as it's good 100LL money he exchanges for my stories.

The party died down pretty close to the time we ran out of beer. A few of us were a little hungry so we strolled down Waukau Ave towards SOS Brothers for some dinner. Along the way we were treated with another great Oshkosh Sunset.

Tonight was the first night of music at the SOS Brothers. The food at the SOS brothers tent was fabulous tonight - Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork and cheese curds. Simply outstanding. The music was also fantastic. I know some of the curmudgeony campers in HBC wish the loud music didn't exist, but I find it one of my highlights of the trip.

Speaking of highlights of the trip, this my my friend Derek's first SOS Brothers beer bong.

I think young Derek was quite smitten with our bartender Karina! What a great fun filled first day at Oshkosh!



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