[May 29, 2016]

While coming back from Nantucket yesterday, I gently pulled my alternative air bypass knob. To my dismay, it pulled back effortlessly, which only means the cable is once again broken. I felt very confident that this would of been fixed after my recent re-engineering in the spring. Every time this breaks, it's about another $40 for a new knob. This failure was someone unique - the cable broke both at the airbox bypass door and also where the cable came out of the sheathing.

The cable snapped clean off right after the two washers.

I came to the conclusion that the flimsy bottom part of the airbox is getting a fair amount of vibration, causing the cable to fail. If the last adel clamp of the sheathing and door are on the same vibration plane, then it shouldn't fail again. I went back and forth over the best way to accomplish this, and I decided to epoxy a sheet of 063 to the bottom of the airbox.

While that dried, I installed a new Sky-Tec 149-NL starter. Nothing was wrong with my old 149-12LS starter - but I didn't particularly like it's design, especially when the case cracked a few years ago. I was able to pick up the NL for a great price from my friend Captain John in Plymouth yesterday.

A couple of pics of the s/n for future reference.

I had some extra time on my hands so I started to play with polishing the under side of the flaps. These have the worst corrosion out of the whole airplane which I wanted to take care of. Using the F grade Nuvite compound I wasn't able to make all that much progress. I think my buffer isn't all that great, so I am ordering some new polishing wheels per Nuvite's recommendations.

You can see the area outlined in red of where I tried using some high 1500 grit sandpaper followed by polish. It was a lot of work for that small area, but it seemed to of worked great.



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