[May 20, 2016]

Ever since I built the RV, the TNC connection into the Garmin GA35 GPS antenna has really bothered me. The coaxial cable makes a quick 90 degree turn right after the TNC connector, causing some slight wear on the coax cable.

With the GPS antenna trap in it's up position, the strain is very apparent.

I picked up some 90 degree TNC connectors. This looks MUCH better!

On yeah, I am a happy camper now.

The GTN650 seems to have a better GPS receiver chip in it. With the hangar doors open, and the airplane still in the hangar, I can lock on the my GPS position. This is something that I could never do with the 430W.

The weather on the east coast has been deplorable over the last month . I think it has rained at least 80% of the days in the last 30 days. Since the weather way nice tonight, I went up for a quick 30 minute flight to test out the GTN650. I remembered tonight was the pre-Preakness party at Kevin Plank's house (CEO of Under Armour). He puts on quite the shindig - hot air baloon rides, huge part tent. One of these days my invitation won't get lost in the mail!

Not a bad property - both an indoor and outdoor horse riding ring.

When I landed I noticed a couple of things in my GRT logbook. With the new GPS installed, the GRT's think it is 1/1/2003. Also, I amazingly flew 117,312.5 hours today - or 13.3 years. Could be a new record on only 4.5 gallons of gas? Who says we need a replacement for fossil fuels with this sort of economy??? Oh, it also appears this was my 500th flight in the RV! Sweet!

I don't know if the issue behind this is because GPS1 isn't reporting back a clock?

My GPS2 (Garmin NMEA 18x-LVC) is reporting the proper time/date. I'm a little confused over why this is happening.



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