[April 14, 2016]

My hangar neighbor Craig was having some issues with his Garmin PFD in his Cessna 162 Skycatcher. The EFIS would randomly loose connections with the AHRS and other systems on the EFIS bus. Craig spent a bunch of time and money on trying to get it fixed with some local shops. I recommended Lancaster Avionics - they have a fabulous reputation at the airport of great service and fair pricing. I used them years ago to get my Garmin 430 upgraded to a 430W at a reasonable price. Craig took my advice and a couple of weeks ago I helped him drop off his airplane and give him a ride back home. Lancaster avionics seemed to of found the root cause of his issues, and today the weather worked out for us to sneak out of work early and go pick up his bird.

I've heard nothing but great things out of this place.

Craig P re-flighting.

On the way back we decided to do a formation flight once we cleared KLNS's class D airspace. Craig had never done any formation work before so we debriefed before takeoff and I told him to fly lead. We then snapped some pics of each other.

Craig and I exchanged photos after we landed. He really enjoyed the pics of the flight home until I compared it to the Heritage flight of the F22 Raptor and the P51 Mustang!

We broke off about 12 miles from the airport and I was able to snap this great shot of lining up to land on 34.

Even though we broke off a short 12 miles ago, I was able to tuck my airplane in before I saw any sign of the 162....Love the RV!!



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