[March 26, 2016]

I haven't seen my friend Captain John from Plymouth this year, and with the airplane fresh out of an annual, I figured I'd make the trip up the New England to have breakfast with him. We decided to meet up on Block Island (KBID). Not too far for me, and close for him. The day started out crystal clear in Baltimore. Not a cloud in the sky.

I decided to cruise over to BID at 9,500' for the nice tailwind.

The temperature at altitude was also very pleasant.

Coming up on Sandy Hook and New York City.

These pictures of Manhattan never get old.

This is Floyd Bennett Field . It was New York City's first municipal airport, later a naval air station, and is now a park.


One last shot of New York.

Unfortunately the CAVU conditions came to an end and I needed to duck down to 3,000' under an overcast layer.

Doh! Headwind too!

Approaching the end of Long Island. This is Lake Montauk.

John and I had an awesome breakfast at KBID. We decided to also swap some adult beverages. 18 of the finest Mass beers for 18 of the finest MD beers.

We both seem happy with the trade!

My girlfriend and I were planning on walking around the island, but it was damn right chilly out.

The ceilings lifter a little for the trip home.

This is Calverton Executive Airpark. It is listed as Private on the charts, with no frequencies or any other information listed. I couldn't find a whole lot of information on this airport.

The most exciting thing I found out about Calverton Executive was it was used to store the 15,000 vehicles damaged in Hurricane Sandy!

We ducked down to 2,500' to stay under the Class Bravo NYC airspace.

Pottstown airport. My friend Peter and I drove up here a few Sundays ago to check out a painting supply store. We would of flown, but my RV was down for the annual.

Must of been a low power generation day for Limerick...only way stack has smoke.



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