[March 19, 2016]

Wow, how pathetic am I? It's March 19th and this is my first logged flight of the year. I have been up a few times to test out ADS-B and some other things, but aside from maintenance flights, this is my first real flight of 2016. My friend Craig needed a ride back from KLNS after he dropped his Cessna 162 off. The weather was supposed to deteriorate pretty quickly today as a late winter storm was coming into the area for the next couple of days. This was the ADS-B weather as I took off out of KDMW.

The weather in the air was much better than the radar made it out to be. All of the rain was evaporating before it got down to the ground, however I knew that wouldn't last long! I made it in no time to Lancaster and picked up Craig. It was his first time in a "real RV" (he had a previous flight in a RV-12) and also his first tailwheel flight. He did most of the flying on the way back and he had a blast.



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