[March 3, 2016]

I removed the FAB in order to replace the air filter in it.

My air filter is a few years old, so I decided to pick up a new one. Amazon was nice enough to get it to me in 2 days. The K&N E-3450 is the same air filter Van's sells, and a little cheaper getting it from Amazon.

Bah! Another set of cracks! I think this is the 3rd FAB mounting plate that has developed cracks. I was hopeful this would be the last one I needed to make. The cracks look like thy originate from the rivet holes for the doubler on the other side.

I also found the bottom of the fiberglass FAB box was cracked. I reinforced it with 3 layers of fiberglass, along with patched the back of the FAB where the cable had worn through it partially.

The Slick Magneto was up for its inspection. Because of the year it was made (2005-ish), it needed to have a 250 hour inspection performed on it. I've never cracked open a magneto, so I am excited to see all the myth and magic inside of it that makes it work.

I couldn't find my 063 sheet in the hangar - I assumed I must of used it all up previously. Instead I grabbed two pieces of 050 to make a new mounting plate. Someone on VAF had a good idea to glue two pieces of metal together with fuel tank sealant.

It was a messy job gluing the halves together, but it's done.

I added some weight to it to make sure the halves mate up tightly. I really want this to be the last FAB mounting plate I make.



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