[February 20, 2016]

This afternoon I quickly re-wired my ADS-B traffic and weather serial input from my #2 EFIS to my #1 EFIS. Bill Moffet at NavWorx said there is a slick Traffic Simulation tool to test out the EFIS's. I clicked the "Enable Traffic Simulation" button on the NavWorx program.

Boom! Lots of airplanes circling me! Slick, this is getting exciting!

The airport was really busy today, as it should be because it was a beautiful February day with temps well above average.

66 degrees for mid Feb? Absolutely delightful.

As soon as I was off the ground, ADS-B traffic came alive.

The EFIS was busy consuming all kinds of ADS-B data - traffic, NexRad radar, METAR's and TAF's all coming through.

I didn't even notice that the winds were HOWLIN' up at altitude - 47 kts!

I decided to see how fast I could get the ground speed up to. The winds at altitude were finicky - almost gusty and constantly changing. I was able to get up to 201 kts.

And with the flaps out and cruising at 55kts, I got as low as 26.1 kts.

I am a little over 50 hours on this oil change, so I might as well crank the oil temps to get all that old sludge out.

Prepped for the oil change.

Wait..something doesn't look right with the FAB.

$#%#$%#$%#$%!!! I can't beleive this is broken AGAIN! The bypass door was also slightly open, so unfiltered air has been getting into my engine. I was really confident I had this issue licked after my last fix.

It was just a bad day after my wonderful flight. I ended up acting like a total newbie and spilled oil all over the place on my change.



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