[December 5, 2015]

For the last 46 years the Tangier Holly Run has taken place to take Christmas holiday decorations and donations to Tangier Island. I talked Jack into coming to the event. Here we are warming up on the ramp at KDMW.

From the ground it looked like a beautiful day to fly.

However once we climbed through 1,000', it was really hazy. There was a temperature inversion going on today - on the ground it was in the mid 30's, and at altitude it was in the 50's.

First stop of the day was to W29 - Bay Bridge airport to get breakfast and pick up the greens.

Final for W29.

The Holly Run pilots. I think there were about 50 airplanes and over 100 attendees.

Loaded up with Holly.

Showing off my attempt to grow facial hair with my lovely passenger.

Bill Roger and his RV-7 getting ready to depart.

The Eastern Shore has some unique views of the marshes and water passageways.

Final for KTGI. There were a LOT of airplanes landing at the same time. It reminded me of Oshkosh!

We had a nice lunch and did a walk around the island. It was around 50 degrees and a nice day to go for a walk.

Flying home my friend Bill tagged along with Jack and I for a little. I caught these pics of him.

He reciprocated and snapped a couple in-air pictures of me.

On the way back the layer of haze had worsened.

To get out of the haze we decided to go down lower.



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