[November 25, 2015]

Today is the day before Thanksgiving, and I took the day off of work since it is relatively dead in the office, and the weather was perfect. The barometric pressure in the area was very high - 30.71.

Flying over Timonium, MD - you can see the racetrack they use for the MD State Fair every Labor day.

I cut through KMTN's airspace.

Aberdeen Proving Grounds *had* two aerostats they tethered to the ground and let float up at 10,000'. A few weeks ago one of the tethers broke and it went floating north into Pennsylvania. This is the remaining one which I don't believe has been launches since the mishap of the other one.

The internet was buzzing with all sorts of spoofs on the missing aerostat. This was my personal favorite!

There were quite a few boats out on the bay today. We have been really fortunate with a week of temperatures in the 60's. Last year this time it was cold enough for the local ski slopes to be open.

Parsons Island, just south of the Kent Narrows. My friends family owns this island, and said I could try to land on it if I felt up to it. Maybe if I could fit some tundra tires on the RV I would give it a shot...

Shaw Bay. I did a lot of crabbing here with my grandparents when I was younger.

The Wye River - it shouldn't be a surprise why the river has the name it does.

Pintail Point - a great place to shoot sporting clays.

I ended up going all around the area today. After crossing over MTN, I did a landing at Bay Bridge airport, then over to Ridgely Airport (KRGD). I pulled back the throttle and cruised up the northern eastern shore of the bay.

Rock Hall

Swan Creek is behind rock hall. I have anchored here a few times. It's not my favorite place because the bottom is very soft and I always end up dragging my anchor.

Worton Creek Marina.

Still Pond and Churn Creek. This is one of my favorite boating spots in the summer.

On the way home I landed at Fallston Airport just for fun. Great day with the RV and a lot of ground covered in a short amount of time!



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