[July 26, 2015]

This weekend was great on Powers Lake! Very relaxing hanging out in the third cleanest lake in WI.

Before I departed back home, my friends all wanted to get rides in the RV. Bethany was the bravest and went first.

Can you tell Bethany like aerobatics???

The next victim was Kara's husband Tezza from Australia.

While he wasn't keen on aerobatics, he loved taking the stick and flying around. He was a natural pilot!

Kara's Mom was next on the list.

And finally Kara was bold enough to go for a flight after I safely returned her mom, husband and friend back to the earth safely.

I picked up a valuable 12-pack of Spotted Cow to bring back home. For safety and weight-and-balance reasons, I put it in the passenger seat.

The girls got a kick out of my front seat cargo - fresh Wisconsin corn and beer.

The trip home was pretty straight forward - I needed fuel, and Burlington, WI (KBUU) had the best price at $4.19/G. After that, I could easily make it back home on one tank.

There was quite a large crowd at Burlington coming back from Oshkosh getting fuel.

A dozen ears of corn weighed WAY more than I thought it would. I put it just forward of the front spar and secured it to the seat belt to move some of the weight forward.

Heading south over Northern IL.

There was some slow moving dissipating weather to the west moving towards chicago.

I need to kick this headwind!


Gary, IN....

As I got to the south of Lake Michigan, I picked up a slight tailwind.

Climbing the tailwind increased a tad.

At 9,500' it was respectable.

22.2 MPG at 8 GPH...

...doing 174 kts over the ground. I love the RV!

There was some weather to the north

.. and south.

Garmin Pilot via ADS-B easily showed it. It was easy enough to navigate around.

Crossing into PA

The clouds were lowering, so I needed to go down too. Back to 3,500' I went.

I don't like being this low over PA, but the clouds wouldn't have it any other way. I used the terrain feature of the EFIS to let me know if there was anything concerning in front of me.

The west-bound entrance to the Allegheny Tunnel on the PA turnpike.

It was an uneventful trip back home, with a total of 3:38 in the air. I think this is the longest leg yet I have taken in the RV.

The girl is safe back at home ready to be tucked into the hangar.

Something has got to be wrong with me! I sacrificed valuable beer carrying weight for Wisconsin corn.

Another sign something isn't quite right with me. I gave away one of my coveted Spottee Cowls to my buddy at the airport.

What a great trip in the RV. The airplane performed perfectly. The weather was outstanding the entire time. And I don't think it would of been possible to do what I did with visiting such a great and vast group of old and new friends any other way than with the RV. Hands down, this was the best vacation I have ever had. Bring on Oshkosh 2016!



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