[July 24, 2015]

I wanted to stick around Des Moines a little longer to have breakfast with my friend Rene, but the weather was worrying me. I figured it was better to get in the air just in case this storm decided to move south at a faster pace.

After takeoff, you can see in the distance the weather.

At 3,500' I had a great 23 kts tailwind.

As I got further east, the skies got darker and darker. ADS-B still said I was in the clear.

My best attempt at pretending to look worried.

This was the view to the south - CAVU all over the place.

This was the extent of the weather I ran into. More bugs than raindrops on my canopy.

Crossing back over the Mississippi river.

This leg was very painless. No traffic to speak of, the the weather was well to my north. This is Lake Geneva to my left.

This was a surprise - I didn't realize Country Thunder (4 day country music festival) was in town this weekend in Twin Lakes, WI. I've been to this venue a handful of times in my life. It's a party and a half!

Powers Lake, WI - where I will be spending the next 2 nights.

The location of my air conditioned abode, as well as the pontoon boat I will be drinking some cold beers on.

Westosha Airport (5K6). After landing, I found out from a student pilot the airport is owned by the local quarry and they use a lot of the hangar to store their equipment in. The runway has a fair amount of grass growing through the cracks, but it is a stones throw away from where I am staying, and the price is right ($0!). They have about the cheapest price I have heard of the plane rentals. The student pilot I was chatting with let me know they rent out a Cessna 172 for $80/hour wet! That's cheaper than what I paid back in the early 2000's. I can see why he commuted here all the way from South of Chicago!

Airplane covered and secured for the next two nights.

My friend Kara was coming back from Portland, OR, so her fantastic mother Carole picked me up. We had a fantastic afternoon preparing food, boating and cocktailing. I am really lucky to have such great friends as Kara and her mom.

The sunset skies in WI were just breathtaking. I am really looking forward to air conditioning tonight!!!!



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