[July 22, 2015]

My last full day at Oshkosh. I've done so much, met so many people and I still feel like I have just scratched the surface. Homebuilt camping is packed this year. Airplanes in every direction without a free spot to be seen.

I heard that Bill Moffet of NavWorx was here at the Seattle Avionics booth. The first job of today was to stop by to see if I could persuade him to move me up on the list for my backordered ADS600-EXP In/Out ADS-B transceiver. Unfortunately he was only here for Monday and Tuesday. Good news is I was able to get my hands on the new device. It is very small and very lightweight. I think my device is scheduled to ship the end of August. Until then my friend..

I stopped back at Alpha Systems to see if they just sold their HUD display without the LED. Good news is they do! Bad news is it is $500!

I stopped by Bill Repucci's EICommander seminar. Bill did a fantastic job of describing electronic ignition and how his EICommander can help diagnose all kinds of issues that could occur with the PMAG's. Definitely very informative. Thanks for a great presentation, Bill!

The facilities were amazing this year! This is light-years better than port-a-potties. Air conditioned to boot!

I broke down and bought a Spencer Aircraft fold-able chair. This chair weighs next to nothing, and folds down to a very small size.

Comfortable too!

It didn't take long for my partner in crime, Captain John, to track me and my free Coors Lite down.

The Goodyear blimp kept on circling around over us.

We met up with Agent Orange and his Wife Allison, along with Brian "Brantel" Chesteen. This prop was just begging for a photo op.

Next up was our annual RivetBangers prime rib dinner at The Black Otter Supper Club. The prime rib is spectacular and well priced - the 32oz Queen cut is a reasonable $30, while the big, bag 72oz King cut is $38! We had a great group of alumni - Eric, Jeff "Painless" Orear, Don Pansier (DeltaPop Antennas), Captain John and myself along with some new blood - Agent Orange and his wife Allison, Bruce Swayze, Eric from Oregon and Brian "Brantel" Chesteen.

I couldn't resist the value of the 72oz King Cut prime rib.

We didn't notice RV-10 Eric from Portland wore a VansAirforce.net T-Shirt to a RivetBangers event. Blasphemy! Even though he had such disregard for our organization, we let it go. Eric's a good guy. Hope we didn't scare you off!



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