[July 21, 2015]

Day 2 at Oshkosh started off much like day 1 - a 5 mile run with Brian Chesteen. Our pace was a little slower today. My head was in pretty rough shape from beer being catapulted down my through from the lovely ladies of SOS.

Hmmm, an extra tent appeared on my campsight overnight. I think Captain John got jealous of all of the fun I was having staying at Oshkosh.

One of the great perks of running RivetBangers.com - Media passes!

The RV-14 (tailwheel) was the new thing at Van's booth this year.

Sheesh! You would of throught they'd of at least cleaned the bugs off of it.

The paint job was pretty rough - you can tell it was a rush job.

The interior of the RV-14 was quite roomie.

It appears as if the RV-14 uses Advance Flight Systems Advances Control Module

Pinhole City on the wheelpants!

The A350 took show center. Ironic there is an airbus in Boeing Square?

There was a steady line of people who were queued up to go into it. I didn't see it being worth the wait to see what the inside of a new jetliner looks like - they all seem to look the same.

Probe City on the nose! 7 Pitot Tubes and 3 AOA sensors?

It's not quite Oshkosh until you've walked by Jerry's One Man Band.

Hmmmm, I always knew this is what made RV's run...money! Very nice plenum on this RV-7 (or was it a 6??). I spoke at length with the owner from CO who was very pleasant to talk to about his airplane.

Next up was Van's $35 banquet. After some overly-dry buffer style food, Van gave a speech.

The venue was packed full.

Vic Syracuse gave a speech on Upgrading your Panel.

This is the first Van's banquet I have ever been to, and to be honest I don't know if I will go to another. The best part about it for me was catching up with fellow RV builders.

Yup, you guessed it - made it back to SOS brothers for some more entertainment.

And I enjoyed a libation or two.

This entertainment never gets old.

The entrance gate to HBC being opened up was too good to be true. There were two ways to get around it - one was over, the other was under.



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