[October 31, 2014]

Today was a perfect day to fly - cool air, clear skies and relatively low wind. Before I took off, I had a few minor maintenance items to attend to. The main one being re-making the catch for the latch of the oil door. I made this one out of steel. The aluminum is just too soft and wears easily with the stainless steel of the latch. Let's hope this is the final solution to my oil door popping open unexpectedly.

I felt like doing a scenic tour around the bay - up around the top of the bay, down the eastern shore, around Bay Bridge airport, over Martin State, and then back to KDMW.

The good news of the flight - the new Pitot tube works!

Visibility was great today. At KDMW it was overcast, but on the Eastern Shore it was nice blue skies.

Getting ready to takeoff at Bay Bridge airport (W29). Hard to see, but there is a RV-12 LSA doing a go-around.

Looking up the Patapsco River at Baltimore.

This small patch is Essex Skypark. Very nice little airport.

Right next to Martin State airport is the Charles P. Crane coal power plant. Even though the power plant is on the bay, coal is delivered via rail.

I transitioned through Martin States class D airspace to head back to KDMW.

Once back on the ground, I finished off today by glassing the inside of my full vertical stabilizer tip. It's slowly progressing. It seems much more solid than the previous one!



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