[October 12, 2014]

I have been wanting to test my re-aligned wingtips for a few days now, but because of the poor weather, today was the first opportunity. Before I could take off, I needed to remove the vertical stabilizer tip that I was working on. It turned out extremely well.

The inside had a nice bead of flox.

I was leery on takeoff because I didn't know if I might of inadvertently made the heavy wing heavier. It was a nice slow rollout and when the airplane got off the ground it seemed under control. I took her up to 5,500' and trimmed her out. It is still out of trim! Fixing the misaligned wingtips didn't seem to help much. Oh well, at least aesthetically the RV looks better.

While I was up I did some loops and rolls to see if I could get the oil door to pop open. Sure enough! I can't catch a break today.

It was a nice and clear day to be up. No complaints for a few issues popping up.

The oil door popped open when I pulled through 4 G's. I think I am going to just put some stiffeners on the door and see what I get with that.

Dynon has a recall on their heated pitot tubes. I don't think I'll have much time to fly in the next two weeks with work trips coming up, so this was the perfect opportunity to send it in.

Out and removed.

While I have the pitot tube out, I figured it would be a great time to remove the surface rust from the mast and re-paint it.

The rust came off relatively easily with some sandpaper. Looks brand new, and a hell of a lot better than it did covered in rust.



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