[September 28, 2014]

My friend Captain John invited me up to Plymouth, MA (KPYM) to hang out for the weekend and watch the Plymouth airshow. The weather forecast was perfect for this weekend. The area was dominated by high pressure and the skies were cloudless.

The flight path up to Plymouth was straightforward enough. Since I was staying low due to the headwind, I went to the northwest side of the NYC class B airspace.

A perfect day to be flying.

Shawan Downs - a steeple chase if going to happen at this race course later on today.

My ADS-B wasn't working, so I started digging around in the Garmin menus and saw the new version of the Garmin Pilot app required the GDL-39 ADS-B receiver to be upgraded. I wasn't too thrilled to do this in the air, but I had a couple of hours to burn. The upgrade was uneventful

One of the cool new features of the new version of the Garmin Pilot software is a map that shows where all of the ADS-B towers are located.

Garmin also changed around completely how the app interfaces to the GDL39. They now call the external interfacing of hardware "Connext" So far I am impressed with the new way Garmin presents external hardware.

The only thing not perfect about today was a headwind heading east! I stayed low at 3,500' to minimize it.

A lake in NY.

The trees are starting to change colors.

The good news for the day was the fuel pressure was extremely stable. I am glad the issue was with the pressure sensor and not something else.

The new TruTrak Vizion auto pilot worked extremely well. I am quite happy with this purchase.

Hartfort, CT.

The turnout for the Plymouth airshow was impressive!

Mike Goolian performed a great airshow in his Extra 300.

The real show was outside of Captain John's hangar - RV's galore! I think I counted a total of 10-12 RV's that were either based on the field or flew in for the event.

CJ's airplane it almost complete and he is scheduled to get his inspection next weekend. It's a very nice RV-7.

John had a simple way to interface the control cable to the louver for the oil cooler blocker. I need to redo mine, and I might steal his idea. It's simple and it works well.

I brought a gift for CJ all the way from Oshkosh - a sweeet Vertical Power hat.

Albert in his RV-3 got a photoshoot with some show cars.

CJ's favorite saying from his flight instructor.

CJ doing a run up of his engine.

I was lucky enough to get a free hangar for the night! The people at KPYM are all amazing.

While most people who came in for the fly-in went home, I decided to stay and have some fun with Captain John and his local friends in downtown Plymouth. What a fun town! The next day I was on ride duty. I gave our new friend Kimmy her first RV ride. She loved it!

Next up was one of Captain John's students who is also working on his pilots license. We flew into some Class-D airspace to show him it wasn't a big deal to talk to controllers. He is already talking to his dad about building an RV!

The rest of the day consisted of shooting the breeze at the airport and grilling some awesome food. The fun eventually needed to end and I needed to scoot back home before. The winds aloft were calm through most altitudes, so I decided to take a straight shot home over NYC.

It was another great day to be flying.

3 kts headwind at 8,500!

Talk about a long leg - nearly 300 miles in 1:45.

Groton Naval submarine base in Groton, CT on the Thames rivet.

The east tip of Long Island.

Unfortunately the headwinds slowly crept up, so when I passed over NYC I went back down to 6,500' where the winds were negligible.

I crossed over the south side of Manhattan.

I played around a lot with the new auto pilot and using it to descend. Here I am descending out of 7,900' to 6,500' at a 500 FPM descent.

The skies were awesome for a great sunset.

It looked like the sky was on fire. Simply amazing and the camera didn't do it justice.

A tailwind had eluded me all night until nearly the end of the trip.

While I was up in Plymouth I grabbed 9 new beers I've never tried.



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